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Quarantine Creativity

Tablescapes 2020

When the world shut down, everyone headed home and gatherings were eschewed.  The event industry came to a halt, so our team got together to do what we do best – create and design.


Browse our travel-inspired tablescapes which intend to evoke the sites, sounds and tastes of destinations and themes;  Moroccan Getaway, Mediterranean Blue, Wine Country Chic, Picnic Fiesta, Asian Serenity and Secret Garden Tea Party.


Gathering around the table is the literal and figurative meaning of an event.  Whether it’s a meeting, conference, social event or dinner party, connection to others and the exchange of ideas and information is what happens when we come to the table.


Soon, we hope to break bread with our clients and friends again.  After all, it is a place that feeds our basic human need for emotion and connection.

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