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Actually, I'm in Havana

YPO Cuba 2019


Coordinating a 5-day program in Havana for 250 CEO's was event planning at its most nimble, innovative and flexible.  
Attendee name badges flagged and confiscated by customs.  Privatizing commercial flights after US policy changes grounded private charters overnight.  Ensuring clear communication over the two year planning cycle.  Managing a 9-hour flight delay with bi-lingual staff, constant updates, internet cards and many shots of Cuban rum.  
Despite the hurdles, attendees had incredible experiences gaining a truly deep understanding of the Cuban experience through education sessions and immersions.  Evenings provided top tier entertainment across iconic venues including Felix Varela, La Guarida, Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) and Gran Teatro. 
The resourcefulness and creativity of the Cubans, which we so admired and respected, will always stay with us as we execute for our clients.
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